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8 Days of Fun!
3 Days Skydiving, 3 Days Scuba diving,
15 Skydives from 13000 ft. out of a Cessna Caravan, Land next to your Beachfront Villa, Private Island Dive Boat.
Dive the Great Blue Hole first explored by Jacques Cousteau. Beachfront villas on a private Caribbean Island with it's own Airstrip, Kayaks to explore Lagoons, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving certification courses available.
Belize Island Boogie Itinerary
Trips run from Saturday to Saturday.
All your food, Scuba diving, Kayaking, Sailing, are included in the price of your personal package.
Your package is based on your accommodation and if you're a Skydiver or non-jumper or a Scuba diver or non-Scuba diver.
Skydivers: The skydiving package is an additional $300. That includes 15 jumps from 13,000 ft. Five jumps per day for the first three days out of a chartered Cessna Caravan from the local air shuttle service. There is a central palapa with a bar and dinning area. The runway, snorkeling lagoon area, dock & dive-boat, and kayaking are located within walking distance from your room.

For a full listing of rates for the Boogie in Belize, click here!

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