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"Las Pozas de James"
(The Castle of Sir. Edward James)

Sir. Edward James, born in 1907 in Gullane, Scotland is the godson of King Edward the Seventh of England. He was a recluse and a bit eccentric. The surrounding castle grounds with 100 ft. tall sculptures and buildings can only be described as if one were walking inside a Salvador Dolly painting. The outdoor stairways that lead into thin air, and waterfall sculptures can only be designed in ones imagination.
"Cascadas de Tamul"
(Waterfalls of Tamul)

A two-hour canoe paddle through lush limestone cliffs, stopping for a swim in a crystal clear 100-foot stalagmite covered ceiling hot spring. After a dip in the springs we continue up the river to the 350' waterfalls. The limestone-enriched water turns the river to the most brilliant turquoise blue you will ever see.
"Sotano de las Golondrinas"
(Cave of the Swallows)
has been described as the most spectacular and renowned 1400 ft. sub terrarium cave in the world. It remains without parallel in its beauty and form. The cave area is part of the Sierra Madre Mountain range running North to South where the local Huastecan Indians have lived for hundreds of years. Expedition team members will train you for the most extreme rappel you will ever experience, a 1200 ft. solo free rappel.

The itinerary:
This is an all-inclusive expedition once you land in Tampico, Mexico.
Hotels, Transportation, Meals, rappelling and Extraction equipment included.
(Excluding your personal rappelling harness)
A team member will pick you up from your afternoon arrival at the airport. The first night all expedition members will stay in Tampico.

Day #1 we depart on a three-hour drive to Aquismon, and the local third-world Hotel. The rest of the day will consist of cave rappelling and motorized winch extraction training. The motorized winch allows two people to be pulled up 1200 ft. and out of the cave in about ten minutes.

Day #2 we will drive one hour to the castle of Sir. Edward James, and spend the afternoon exploring the castle grounds. This is a great day for unique photographic opportunities. Returning back to the hotel that afternoon.

Day #3 we drive about 30 minutes to the waterfalls. After an hour canoe paddle up the river for an afternoon of swimming in the aqua green mineral hot springs, the group returns back to the hotel that night.

Day #4 we depart very early in time to see the swallows fly out of the cave. The rest of the day the team will continue rappelling and exploring the cave. Returning back to the hotel before dark.

Day #5 the team will return to the cave for a second day of rappelling and cave exploring. This day the team will stay late in the evening to see the swallows return after a day of feeding. The group returns back to the hotel that night.

Day #6 the team departs that afternoon back to Tampico, with a farewell dinner that night.

Day #7 an expedition team member will drive you to the airport the next morning. This is where the team will end the expedition and say it's good byes.

This expedition is designed for people who have an adventurous heart and can assess their own risk. The hotels and food are authentic and very rustic.
All team members will be asked to sign an assumption of risk agreement.

Cost: $2900 (international airfare not included).

For more information contact fill out our Interest Form.
You can also E-Mail: Randy Pacheco or Mark Lichtle.

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